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Picanha Prato-feito

Grilled Top Sirloin Cap (Picanha) served with white rice, black beans, french fries, and one egg over easy on top.

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Fish Moqueca

Moqueca Fish

Northeast Brazilian seafood stew. Cod fillet poached in a rich coconut milk based sauce with onions, tomatoes, red and yellow bell peppers and finished with dendê oil and cilantro. Served along with white rice and dendê oil farofa.



Brazilian National Drink. Prepare to order. Traditional (Lime), Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Strawberry, Açai, and Coconut flavors



Brazilian Flan. Pudim de Leite. Must have dessert! If you are a fan of a flan, than look no further for you dessert!


Chicken Acebolada

Chicken Acebolada

Small pieces of chicken breast cooked with caramelized onions. Served along with white rice, black beans, mixed green salad, and farofa.


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